Our commitments 

Procurement commitment

Chocolat Beussent Lachelle is one of the few chocolate factories in the world to grow its cocoa trees on its own plantation and make its chocolate. We control the entire production chain, ensuring perfect quality and traceability.

We carefully follow the traditional Ecuadorian traditions for growing, harvesting, fermenting and drying our cocoa beans. All of our cocoa beans are of the “Nacional” variety, selected by hand in order to keep only the finest, ensuring that we provide you with outstanding flavours.

Several families live on our plantation, and are provided room and board. We also cover their children’s school fees.


Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

Our approach is part of an overall desire to preserve natural resources. We are committed to developing our plantation in an environmentally responsible manner, in order to better preserve the soil and the biodiversity of the Amazon forest.

Quality commitment 1

The quality of Beussent Lachelle chocolate requires us to closely monitor our ingredients, such as dry fruit, fruit purées, cream, sugar, etc.

Each year we select our raw materials based on the harvests and the origins of the ingredients, in order to produce recipes that increasingly flavourful.

Quality commitment 2

Our chocolatiers work with chocolate by hand, using our own cocoa beans. Over the course of 30 years, we have acquired an expertise that allows us to offer a range of over 80 different recipes and new creations throughout the year.

We weekly restock our shops with fresh chocolates straight from the factory.